Hello, Are You Don Draper?

How To Kill Your Digital Marketing Campaign:

There once was a time when advertising consisted of print ads, billboards, and television commercials. If you wanted to market a product in Vancouver, or anywhere, you had to spend a shit load on producing a six-figure commercial, spend another five figures on a billboard (one you more than likely had to fight someone to get) and let’s not even get started on the minutia of putting together a photoshoot and locking down advertising space in a magazine or newspaper.

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Thank God For The Internet!

Not that those things aren’t still part of great marketing campaigns today, but if you’re an entrepreneur, just trying to bring your product or service to market without tanking your business financially, then be grateful that there are other ways.


There Are Better Ways, My Friend, Better Ways!

Classic marketing principles still apply, however with the dawn of the internet marketing has become a hell of a lot more accessible and attainable for new businesses. That being said, as a new business you still want to follow the rules before you break them, even if you’re only spending a couple thousand and marketing solely on Instagram. Cause Honey, you don’t want to sink your ship before it’s sailed (as all those juicy clichés).

Here are three straightforward rules you mustn’t (yes, I used that strange conjunction) break.

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Rule #1: Does Matter How You Pronounce It…

Know you Niche! Even if you think your product or service is for everyone you need to decrease your range in order to increase your reach. Sounds like an oxymoron, I know, but the wider your net, the more money you spend, and the more potential clients will swim right through. When you hone in on a quality niche you can zero in on the best platforms to reach them, making every cent you spend on marketing count. If you have no niche, you should really go back to your drawing board.

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Rule #2: Confusing Them is Worse Than Boring Them…

When you’re putting together taglines or copy for your marketing campaign simple and clear is ideal. You may want to get all wordsmithy and try and convey every finite detail of what your brand has to offer, but trust me, less really is more. If you can nail down one to two sentences, hell one to two words even, that accurately describe what you’re selling and why people should care, then you’re killing it. Even if you just use one common word effectively, you’re winning.

Rule #3: What Are You Bringing To Show and Tell?

Show what you’re selling, don’t tell them. You would think this would be a no brainer, but you would be surprised. People should know exactly what they are looking at, why they should be really freaking excited to be looking at it and how to buy it (cause if you do your job right, they’re going to want to). A picture is worth a thousand words, and in this visual day and age your potential customers will respond a lot better to an image over an essay.

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So, Class What Did We Learn Today?

Find a niche, make it simple, and show them what they’re missing. Take these three rules into your next creative marketing brainstorm session and see what wacky things you can create within these confines. Once, you’ve got a bit of this sorted out or even if you just don’t feel equipped to even know where to begin, reach out to your friends at a creative marketing agency in Vancouver, or wherever you are. We’ve got your back.


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