The Psychology of Design

How It Can Benefit Your Online Business

Web Design is something that effects our lives in ways that—when you really think about it—can be a bit terrifying. However, understanding how these psychological effects work and using them for good can make a glorious impact on your ecommerce business.

Here are five take-aways to improve your success as a business online:

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1) Be A Libre

One of the most basic design principles is balance. It is natural that as a business owner you want to grab your potential customers attention and communicate your message without being able to do it in person. These are things you should definitely do, but when the temptation to over complicate and clutter your homepage tries to take over, remember the age-old adage: “Less is more”.


2) Keep It Simple

Hick’s law suggests that the longer it takes for a potential client to make a decision the less likely that decision will end favorably for you. The more messages and buttons and general convolution your audience is faced with the more likely they will vacate without engaging, which is bad, for more reasons than you may expect (we’ll get into that in a later post).


3) Do Your Research

The key to maintaining engagement on your website is knowing your target market. What do they like in terms of visuals and website architecture? What do they respond to in terms of messaging? These are the types of questions you need to be asking when initially designing your website. Knowing your audience will help you keep those precious future clients on your page long enough to develop the beginnings of a kinship.

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4) Borrow. But Don’t Steal

Once you’ve gotten into the nitty gritty of who you are speaking to, dive in a little deeper and take a peek at what websites your target audience has already fallen in love with and why. People spend hours scrolling through the internet, when something grabs their attention there is a reason and once you uncover that reason for your specific target market, you better freaking use it!


5) The Eye Of The Beholder

Beauty and ‘dirty laundry’ are two big reasons a lot of people will stay on a page for longer than the ever-reducing average of two seconds. So, unless your business is based around gossip, you may want to consider how you can bring beauty into the design of your website. Utilizing rich, high resolution images that communicate your value proposition is a great place to start. From there consider how the overall layout of your homepage can be refined to express beauty in and of itself.


At the end of the day the five most important things to keep in mind when you’re designing your website are; balance, clarity, knowing your audience, borrowing from what works and embracing beauty in a way that reflects your brand. If you can wrangle these five elements and make them work for you, you should see a vast improvement in your success online. And if you need a little help or a full-blown make-over, give us a shout we love to curate pretty things!

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